Genuine BMW Trade Parts.

Genuine BMW Trade Parts.


• Two-year unlimited warranty

• Premium quality parts, engineered to last

• Excellent stock breadth and availability

• Competitive pricing

• First time pick accuracy

• Multiple daily deliveries

• Online parts ordering through


There’s more to Genuine BMW than the name. As well as playing a pivotal role in delivering the driving dynamics and comfort that our customers have come to expect, they are also essential for maintaining our exceptionally high safety standards.

Over 2,000 engineers at the BMW Group Research and Innovation Centre ensure that the highest attention to quality and detail is applied to every BMW component. We are committed to passing this expertise on to you as a motor industry professional, by delivering the best quality products, in good time and at the best prices.

We understand you could fit alternative, potentially cheaper, parts; however, consider the penalties of such items, including windscreen wipers that don’t perform as well at higher speeds, or screenwash that provides an uneven spray or clogs jets.

Your customers drive a BMW because they love the performance on the road and the premium reputation for quality. So to help provide them with this, contact Spire Watford BMW to supply you with all your requirements.